How To: Keep flowered edges neat using an edger

Keep flowered edges neat using an edger

If you have a beautiful Annual flower bed or a formal bed with lawn on one side you'll want a clean edge between the two. It not only looks nice but keeps weeds from encroaching into the bed helping reduce maintenance. There are several ways to create a nice edge to your beds. You can use a shovel, digging a line bit by bit but that gets hard on the back. Available materials for edging include, plastic edging and metal strips and wooden edging pieces. The wooden edges can be linked together because they come with grooves thus can be made as short or long as desired. If the soil is loose, simply push these into the soil by hand. Another, easier way would be to use a power edger. This power edger is an edger on the back of a string trimmer, is gas powered and very easy to use.

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