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News: Gigantic Carpet of 750,000 Begonias (Assembled in Just 4 Hours!)

Every summer the city of Brussels assembles an enormous carpet of begonias, under the advisement of one hundred experienced gardeners. The project is planned far in advance, with illustrations and scale models based on a chosen theme (previously chosen have been the arms and shield of a town or commemoration of important events). This year's theme features Saint Michael striking down the dragon, the official protective image of the city, founded over 1,000 years ago.

News: Reverse Fountain Mind Screw

What appears to be an impossibly boundless volume of water is really an illusion created with the aid of a largely invisible acrylic cylinder. William Pye's "reverse fountain", entitled Charybdis (referring to the sea monster of Greek myth), was designed for Seaham Hall of Sunderland, England.

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