How To: Build a Simple Outdoor Fire Pit for Less Than 100 Bucks

Build a Simple Outdoor Fire Pit for Less Than 100 Bucks

There's nothing better than sitting around a fire in your own backyard, but store-bought fire pits can get pretty expensive, and unfortunately (but understandably), most states have pretty strict regulations on outdoor fires.

Want to have your cake and eat it, too? This DIY fire pit by Redditor BobSacramanto cost him about 80 bucks and should be pretty easy to modify based on the regulations in your state or county.

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After clearing out the grass and leveling the base, which is just a galvanized fire pit ring, BobSacramanto poured a ring of concrete around the outside for the rocks.

Once the rocks were in place and the concrete set, he added a ring of paving stones to top it off.

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The process itself isn't that difficult, there's just a lot of waiting involved because of the concrete.

Also, as the original poster and several others mentioned, it's a good idea to keep your distance the first few times you use it because the fumes from the galvanized coating can be harmful if inhaled. Other suggestions from the comments include drilling holes for airflow and adding a layer of gravel and sand to help soak up water when it rains.

Check out the Reddit thread and Imgur album for more details and pics.

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Good post. Great idea for DIYers and much less expensive than having to buy one. Plus you have the added feeling of accomplishment when you sit back and enjoy it saying, "And I made it myself!!" It looks great. Very professional.

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