How To: Recycle cobblestone

Recycle cobblestone

Tim Carter demonstrates how to use recycled cobblestones. Cobblestone can be used to edge gardens, driveways and walkways. These paving stones make a great border.

People recycle cans, paper and plastic bottles, but how about recycling building materials. Cobblestones that were used on streets 100 years ago can be recycled and used in your yard. Tim shows some granite cobblestones that are extremely durable. These recycled pavers will hold up to any weather conditions.

One great home improvement project for cobblestones is making a border around your garden or flower bed. Simply lay the blocks on the ground outlining your selected area. This way you can see more of the cobblestones beauty.

Dig a trench along the driveway and place the cobblestones to created a driveway edging. Recycling Mother Nature's building materials is a great use of natural resources.

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