How To: Use shells as a deterrent for mice and voles

Use shells as a deterrent for mice and voles

We're not the only ones that like spring flowering bulbs. Mice and voles will dig down into the soil in the fall and eat the bulbs just planted. If planting spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, crocus, hyacinths or any of the minor bulbs these are the ones they love. If planting daffodils don't worry they're poisonous and the mice won't bother them. When planting place the bulbs at the proper depth, then take some crushed oyster shells, even crushed egg shells, this material can be purchased or could be made from shells from the seashore. Sprinkle the crushed shells around the bulbs, since the crushed oyster shells or egg shells have sharp edges, when the mice and voles are tunneling and come in contact with the sharp edges they go elsewhere. By applying in the fall you won't have any surprises in the spring when the bulbs come up.

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