How To: Recognize poison ivy

Recognize poison ivy

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are a problem throughout the United States. The resin on the leaves is what bothers us, causing acute dermatitis (a bad rash). If you happen to come in contact with it, quickly wash with hot soapy water, that should at least reduce the amount of irritation. Poison Ivy has three leaves and a little bit of red where the leaf merges with the stem. There is a new product made especially for eradicating Poison Ivy and tough brush. To use this product, spray the leaves thoroughly when the foliage is dry, early in the day when there is plenty of moisture in the plant. That way it will move down into the roots and kill the plant. Another approach, for particularly stubborn Poison Ivy is to take a plastic bag, wrap it around your hands and pull the Poison Ivy vines from a tree, etc., then dip those vines in a bucket of this product. This is a particularly effective way to translocate the product to the roots and kill the Poison Ivy.

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