How To: Keep deer out of your yard

Keep deer out of your yard

Deer can wreck havoc on your plants and yard. No need to go to war with the deer, when with a few tricks of the trade, deer can be discouraged from feeding on your yard. The neighbor's yard, on the other hand, might seem that much more appealing.

To keep your landscape beautiful and your garden healthy, you have to keep the deer away.

You Will Need

* Plants
* Human or dog hair
* A spray bottle
* Hot sauce
* Motion-detector lights
* A fence
* A large dog (optional)

Step 1: Plant unappetizing flowers

Minimize damage from deer by growing plants that deer find unappealing, like salvia, allium, ajuga, boxwood, and campsis.

Avoid growing hostas, roses, impatiens, and tulips, which are plants deer favor.

Step 2: Place hair around garden

Place human or dog hair around your garden and trees to deter deer from munching on your landscape.

Step 3: Spray natural repellant

Spray a mixture of 1 gallon water and 3 teaspoons hot sauce on the flowers and plants you want the deer to stop feeding on.

If you have a dog, allow it to roam freely to discourage deer from approaching.

Step 4: Install lights

Install motion detector lights, which will startle deer and scare them away.

Step 5: Install a fence

Install a fence around areas you do not want deer to invade.

Almost half of all car crashes involving deer occur in the months of October, November, and December.

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