How To: Install low-voltage outdoor lighting

Install low-voltage outdoor lighting

One of the most simple and cost effective ways to liven up your landscaping is through subtle illumination. Low voltage lighting is simple to install and offers many benefits including ambiance, safety and security. They can be used to illuminate a walkway or to lighten up your home's street address at night. Today's manufacturers are making low-voltage lighting products geared for the do-it-yourselfer, which makes purchasing and installation easier. These low-voltage kits come with a transformer with a built in timer that allows you to set the lights to turn on and off at what ever time you desire. They also include the necessary lights and electrical cable for complete installation. These transformers' main duties are to take a normal 120-volt household current and reduce it to a safe 12 volts. For this project, you will need a GFCI receptacle on the outside of your house. If you don't have this, either have a professional electrician install it, or refer to our tutorial on installing a GFCI receptacle.

Install low-voltage outdoor lighting

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