How To: Get rid of pests in apple trees

Get rid of pests in apple trees

The worst thing is when you go to bite into an apple and you find a grub or a worm. This tutorial teaches you how to get rid of pests in your apple trees. One of the main pests on apple trees is Codling moth, or the caterpillars of the moth which tunnel into the fruits as they grow. The damage caused by the burrowing is normally discovered in the summer or when the fruits are picked in autumn, but now is the time to prevent damage this summer.
The moth lays its egg on the fruitlets after blossom drop in late spring and early summer and the small caterpillars start burrowing into the fruits where they cause a great deal of damage. To reduce the damage caused by the moths you can hang Codling moth traps into your apple trees now. But Codling moth traps only give partial control because many of the moths will already have mated before they enter the trap in search of more females. For total control, when you start to catch the small brown moths in the trap it indicates that the moths are active and you can spray you fruit trees with an insecticide to kill the caterpillars as they hatch.

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