How To: Get rid of moles in the yard

Get rid of moles in the yard

Moles can be a problem. You can identify Moles as a problem if when you stick your finger down a hole you can feel a tunnel. There is a safe way to rid your lawn of Moles without harming other pests, insects, pets or family. Castor Oil produces an odor that Moles don't like. Get it in granular or liquid form, sprinkle it around the area. You'll see more Mole activity in the first few days because they'll get agitated but quickly they'll move somewhere else. Don't use a castor oil from a grocery because it has been de-odorized, thus won't be as effective. Another method is to use a new bait on the market that looks like an earthworm. It's actually coated with a poison so be careful around children because they might think it's edible, which it is not. Create a little opening in the hole and stick the earthworm in and cover it. The Mole comes through the tunnel, munches on the earthworm, eats the poison and dies.

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la trappola mi piace e vorrei comprarla ma mi trovo in difficolta nel ordinarla

i put a hose in the hole the dam mole pushed it out i wanted to use my stun gun on the dam thing so i put cyder vinegar oil, see if he likes that taste

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