How To: Get grease off a concrete driveway

Get grease off a concrete driveway

You don't have to live with an oil-stained driveway. Get rid of the mess with these stain-busting techniques. This video will show you how to get grease off a concrete driveway.

Step 1. Act quickly

Using a combination of newspaper, paper towels, and rags, blot as much oil as possible immediately after a spill to keep it from soaking into the concrete.

Take the oil-soaked paper and rags to a recycling center as soon as possible. Leave oil-soaked materials outside your house and garage until you can dispose of them properly.

Step 2. Scrub with soap and water]

Apply grease-cutting dish detergent to the stain and work it in with a nylon scrub brush. Add hot water and continue to scrub.

Wet the area surrounding the stain to prevent the released oil from causing a secondary stain.

Step 3. Blot

Blot the soapy mixture with towels.

Step 4. Flush

Flush the area with hot water, taking care not to burn yourself. If necessary, scrub again after the water has cooled.

Step 5. Use cat litter

Sprinkle cat litter on the spill to absorb any remaining oil. Use a push broom to work the litter into the stain; then let the litter sit overnight to absorb the rest of the oil.

Step 6. Sweep up the litter

Sweep up the cat litter with a broom and dustpan the next morning.

Step 7. Repeat

Repeat the cleaning process as many times as necessary. With a little work, your driveway will be as good as new!

Step 8. Prevent a repeat

Prevent future oil stains in your driveway by laying a piece of plywood or cardboard on the floor and parking your car over it.

FACT: One gallon of oil can ruin the taste of a million gallons of drinking water. That's good reason not to wash your oil down the drain!

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