How To: Fix a leak in your calgary waterfall

Fix a leak in your calgary waterfall

This video is an explanation of how to fix a leak in a backyard water feature with a pond and waterfall. If the waterfall is losing water and has to be refilled frequently, you can tell there is a leak somewhere. One place where a leak can happen is a place where the liner needs to be propped up with a rock so it won't flatten out and allow water to leak out. Another problem can occur when a rock is arranged so that water splashes over it. That problem can be fixed by rearranging the rocks to divert the water in the right direction. There is another place where the liner is hidden by some foliage and pebbles, and the liner was pushed down so that water could leak out. This problem is easy to fix by putting some small rocks behind it to keep it propped up. Check all around the edges of your pond liner in the spring and make sure everything is where it's supposed to be because most leaks are caused by simple things like having the liner or rocks out of place.

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