How To: Cut back ornamental grass

Cut back ornamental grass

Adrian Higgins is the extraordinary garden writer for the Washington Post and shares with us his tip for cutting back ornamental grass. Spring is late in Washington this year which is good because we haven't gotten around to cutting back our grasses. This is a vital late winter chore because if it isn't done before new growth emerges, cutting could damage the new growth. Different people have different techniques depending on the grass and tool. Adrian doesn't like to use pruners for this task he thinks they're dangerous in this situation. He likes very sharp hedging shears. He gets very low, maybe a couple of inches from the crown and starts cutting with a vengeance. He doesn't worry about being tidy because he can always go back and give it another haircut. With this Panicum he has tied it up so it is already bundled. He cuts away, not worrying about a clean edge because the new growth will come through and hide any imperfections. If one wants they could go back and tidy up but after it's cut it's ready for Spring. Thanks Adrian for your advice. We receive many questions about cutting Ornamental grasses each year, this is helpful advice.

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is it okay to burn off old growth on ornamental beach grass?

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