How To: Close a swimming pool with Lowe's

Close a swimming pool with Lowe's

The proper steps to close your swimming pool. The temperature in your region will be the key deciding factor on whether to close your pool or not.

If you are closing the pool there is certain equipment you will require. A pool brush, skimmer net, pool vacuum, water tests strips and much more.

1. Run the filter continuously for 1-2 days to remove any dirt from your pool. Add your chlorine and other chemicals to create an equal balance. Scrub and clean out other debris.

2. Follow instructions from your pumps manual and use proper instruction to clean it.

3. Lower the pools water level about 1 inch below the pools skimmer and add freezer plugs. You can go ahead and shut of the filter pump now and drain all equipment.

4. The final step is to pull the cover over the pool and secure it. Make sure to keep pets and small children away from the pool.

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