How To: Clean gutters and downspouts with tips from Lowe's

Clean gutters and downspouts with tips from Lowe's

Gutter maintenance is not the funnest household chore, but it is essential in preserving your home. Lowe's has a few tips for you to start clearing out your gutters. You'll need a ladder, a bucket to clear out the debris, a trowel of some kind for scooping out the gutter gunk, a garden hose to wash out the gutter and a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

Joel and Courtney demonstrate how to maintain your home's gutters. Learn what tools you will need to clear your gutters of debris and find out the best time to clean out your gutters. Also learn how to flush gutters with a garden hose and where to use gutter caulk for repairs. Finally, think about adding gutter screens or guards to help prevent debris buildup.

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