How To: Choose a pavement right for your purpose

Choose a pavement right for your purpose

The experts at Bunning's have come up with a few tips for the consumer to consider when they are next in the market for paving equipment. Find out if the job needs a solid block paver or a thinner grade paver. Preserving the tools once they leave the store is in your hands. Last, but not least, watch the weight!


- Consider the amount of traffic the pavement will encounter. If the traffic is primarily vehicular, perhaps for a driveway, you will want a solid block paver. For anything pedestrian, such as a sidewalk or patio, you are fine with any thin grade paver (such as sandstone or granite).

-When buying tools, always seal the deal! Sealing your equipment will prevent corrosion and staining and protect your investment for the long run.

-The most important factor to consider is the base. Having a solid base will prevent the paving area from sinking. The experts say for driveways and around pools, it's concrete all the way.

If you choose a solid paver and a solid base, you'll be set! Ask the experts at Bunning's for any specific home remodeling needs.

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