How To: Build a waterfall using retaining wall block

Build a waterfall using retaining wall block

The procedure was adopted to build a waterfall in Oregon Coast Garden Center, Wald-port.
1. A level pad was cut to arrange the first row of blocks
2. 3 rows of retaining wall block was set in the desired shape.
3. The inside of the structure is covered with landscape fabric followed by pond liner.
4. Fill with water and adjust the liner as it fills.
5. Trim of excess liner and landscape fabric.
6. The liner has to be protected from puncture. Use landscape fabric to cover the inside of the retaining wall block & ground.
7. Drain the water or pump out. Cover the liner with landscape fabric to protect it.
8. Set the blocks to support the big rock.
9. Install the pump, valve manifold & attach the hoses inside the big rock.
10. Adjust the valves of the manifold to control the water flow.
11. To decorate it with plants, fill with river rock. Cover the bottom with rocks.

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