How To: Build a retaining wall garden bed island

Build a retaining wall garden bed island

Chris from Backyard Gardening shows us how to build a raised island garden bed with retaining wall bricks.

After drawing out the markings on the soil with spray paint, he loosened the sod with a special sod-cutting tool, which makes it easier to remove.

Using a flat shovel (not a pointed shovel because the bottom of the trench needs to be flat) he dug out a trench the depth of the bricks, following the lines that he edged. The trench needs to be deep enough to contain one row of bricks.

Next he put down some landscape fabric and laid the first layer of bricks, using a level to make sure the bricks were all level and even. Next he squirted some landscape adhesive on top of the first layer of bricks and stacked on the second layer, and a third layer on top of that in the same way.

Before filling it in with soil, he put down a layer of newspaper to keep grass and weeds from coming up, and spread the soil on top of the newspaper. Then he added a layer of good quality fertilizer. Any large shrubs or trees should go in at this time. Then he trimmed the excess fabric and stapled it into the soil. The landscape fabric is available at places like Home Depot or Lowes. Finally the mulch goes in and it's all ready for planting.

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