How To: Build a garden tuteur

Build a garden tuteur

In order to build a garden tuteur, you will need the following: found sticks, screws, twine, a drill, and a rubber band. First, you will need to find pieces of wood that are approximately equal in width. Rubberband the ends of the sticks at one end. Stand the sticks up. Decide on your spacing. Adjust the wood to stand at the width you prefer. When the stand is the way you want it, pre-drill holes in the wood for a cross braces. Screw a cross piece into the tuteur in order to brace it. Continue all the way around. Make 2 tiers of braces, going around the tuteur. Once you have made all of the braces, cover up the screws by tying twine around the corners to mask the screws. Glue them in place with wood glue.

Build a garden tuteur

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