How To: Add colorful plants around a mailbox with Lowe's

Add colorful plants around a mailbox with Lowe's

Mailboxes don't have to look all lonesome, with only the curb to cheer them up. If you have one of those street boxes on a post instead of a house box, the best thing to do to make a happy mailbox is to give it some company. To improve your home's curbside appeal, take your landscaping efforts to the curb and enhance the area around the mailbox. It's a great way to accentuate your landscape.

Popular mailbox plants include annuals, perennials, tropicals and shrubbery. You
can mulch the planting bed, or create a more natural feel using stones and pebbles. In this video from Lowe's, you'll learn instructions for common mailbox plantings. Ask a Lowe's associate for specific recommendations for your climate and yard requirements, because before you start planting, there are a few things to consider.

In this demonstration, see how to add a decorative trellis with a potato vine, day lilies and more!

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